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Geothermal’s Role in Energy Transmission

What is the role of geothermal energy in a Net Zero world?

Some researchers believe it may be the key, especially in areas where there is simply not enough capacity for solar and wind to fulfill the demand for power, as everything becomes electrified.

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Myths About the Role of Carbon Offsets in Achieving Net Zero

This article co-authored by 41 scientists shares ten myths about the role of carbon offsets in achieving Net Zero, starting with the idea that we can compensate for fossil fuel emissions using offsets:

In the face of growing demands for action, many countries and companies are making promises and setting targets to reach “net zero” emissions or “carbon neutrality”. These often sound ambitious and may even give the impression that the world is awakening and ready to take on the climate crisis.

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SME Climate Hub: Climate Change Action Tools for Small & Medium Businesses

Most of the major climate change initiatives I’ve seen mostly target big business.  On the surface this makes sense because they are the largest emitters. But when you look at the overall economic landscape, small and medium businesses contribute much more, in aggregate, and lack resources to invest in their own sustainability experts to help them develop a strategy. The SME Climate Hub is a collection of tools and resources aimed at smaller enterprises.

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South Korea Latest to Target Net Zero by 2050

President Moon Jae-in has announced South Korea will commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, turning an election promise into a policy pledge.— Climate Home News (@ClimateHome) November 2,...

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