Rapid Learning Cycles for Climate Tech 101

How to apply Rapid Learning Cycles to your climate tech project

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Upcoming Articles In This Series:

Week 4: What Rapid Learning Cycles Does Differently:
to Eliminate the Root Causes of Failure

Week 5: The Rapid Learning Cycle:
What Teams Using RLCs Actually Do Day to Day

Week 6: RLCs for Small Teams and Startups:
How We Scale Down RLC for “Just Enough” Structure

Week 7: The Agile Roots of the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework:
And Why Climate Tech Teams Can’t “Just Use Agile”

Week 8: Cut Through the Fog of Uncertainty:
Where and When to Use Rapid Learning Cycles for Climate Tech

Week 9: Resilient Key Decisions:
How to Make Your Most Important Decisions Stick

Week 10: Five Requirements for Effective Decisions:
How to Work with Decision Makers to Get Better Decisions

Week 11: Key Decisions Have Knowledge Gaps:
How to Resolve the “Known Unknowns” for Confident Decisions

Week 12: What Are Your “Unknown Unknowns”?
How to Avoid Nasty Surprises at the Wrong Time

Week 13: “We Were Huge Idiots and Didn’t Know What We Were Doing”
How to Learn Faster than Elon Musk by Pulling Learning Forward

Week 14: Not Every Knowledge Gap Should Be Closed:
How to Prioritize Your Knowledge Gaps

Week 15: Time-Based, Multi-Level Plans:
How the RLC-Driven Team Organizes Work

Week 16: RLC Events for Collaborative Decision Making
Learning Cycle and Integration Events to Generate Pull

Week 17: RLC Events Don’t Move:
The Principle of Timeboxing to Pull Better Solutions

Week 18: The Best Obtainable Version of the Truth:
How to Build Confidence in Areas of High Uncertainty

Week 19: Real-Time Knowledge Capture:
How to Write Down “Just Enough” to Support Good Decisions

Week 20: Do You Need a Phase Gate?
How Do You Know It’s Time for a Little More Formality?

Week 21: RLC for Large, Complex Teams
How to Use RLC for Big Climate Tech Projects

Week 22: RLC for Sustainability Teams
How to Evaluate and Implement Climate Tech

Week 23: RLC On Your Own:
How to Become a More Effective Decision Maker

Week 24: RLCs for Climate Tech:
How to Accelerate Net Zero