Most of the major climate change initiatives I’ve seen mostly target big business.  On the surface this makes sense because they are the largest emitters. But when you look at the overall economic landscape, small and medium businesses contribute much more, in aggregate, and lack resources to invest in their own sustainability experts to help them develop a strategy.

The SME Climate Hub, a joint project from the International Chamber of Commerce, We Mean Business, Exponential Roadmap Initiative and Race to Zero, provides a curated collection of links to tools, calculators, white papers and other resources to help these businesses find a path to Net Zero that is sustainable for them, given their scale.

The SME Climate Hub for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) provides a one-stop-shop to make a climate commitment and access best-in-class tools and resources. These resources will help you measure, set targets, reduce your business’ emissions, track and communicate progress, and free up your time to focus on driving your business forward.

We also partner with multinational companies, financial institutions and governments to create clear incentives and opportunities for SMEs that commit to halving their emissions before 2030 and achieving net zero before 2050.


Source: SME Climate Hub Launches Today