The economic consequences of COVID have not yet abated. At this point in the US, 60% of small businesses have failed and evictions loom once moratoriums expire. But the severity of the crisis is partly because the underlying economy was already weak.

Too many were dependent on service jobs in retail, restaurants and similar businesses, and too many others were economically hampered by large student loans they took in order to escape that fate. And people who are trapped economically can’t easily make choices that are more sustainable.

If a sustainable lifestyle is more expensive, it’s out of reach. It becomes yet another area where they are marginalized and given only the worst choices.

A green recovery helps on multiple fronts:

  • Provides good living-wage jobs and opens up opportunities for economic growth.
  • Increases economies of scale to drive down costs to make sustainable products more accessible.
  • Gives more individuals and communities “skin in the game” of building a sustainable future.

As business owners, leaders and investors we have a key role to play in using stimulus funds wisely to provide the opportunities we had to others who need it.

Companies can show real leadership by partnering with governments to ensure that green stimulus measures translate into good jobs
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