If you're engaged with the development of the technology we need to address climate change, you've come to the right place.

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Substack is great for presenting an eclectic mix that centers on a common theme. Here, that theme is climate tech acceleration.

What does Accelerate Net Zero cover?

  • Accelerating development of climate technology

  • Climate tech startups

  • Innovation in technology that will help mitigate climate change

  • How almost all companies will need to change their development process to make every product on the market more sustainable

  • Updates in the climate tech industry

  • The American Made Network challenges and updates

  • Fostering impact by supporting the sustainability at the source

Why You Should Consider Reading My Work

I have a track record of accelerating the time from idea-to-launch for innovations in renewable energy, energy storage, sustainable materials, consumer products, industrial equipment and many other industries, using methods adapted from Agile but tailored for physical product development.

I’m a Connector for the US Department of Energy’s American Made Network, and all the teams I’ve supported so far have won the next phase of their competition. I worked with these teams to help them build good plans that made the most of the cash prizes and vouchers they had won in earlier phases of their competition.

I’ve written four books about my work. The latest one, When Agile Gets Physical: How to Use Agile Principles to Accelerate Hardware Development was released last year. In a short time, it became my best-selling book. Here are the ones that most closely align with the way that I approach climate tech development.

What Do You Get as a Free Subscriber?

  • An email every time we post an article, mostly weekly.

  • Access case studies, interviews and stories from companies accelerating climate tech right now.

  • Access to the public versions of our “How To” articles.

  • Ability to contribute to Chat threads (as long as you meet our content guidelines)

What Do You Get as a Paid Subscriber?

Everything at the free level plus:

  • Full-length articles with closing sections that take the concepts and make them actionable for you and your team. These are aimed at climate tech startups, but would also be useful for teams working in established organizations.

  • Rapid Learning Cycles for Climate Tech email series with chat threads.

  • Monthly gathering focused on the topics released in Rapid Learning Cycles for Climate Tech.

  • Ability to post comments on our articles and other content.

  • Full article archive.

  • Original podcast series that started us down the path to Accelerate Net Zero.

What Do You Get as a Founding Subscriber?

I’m offering a limited number of subscribers like you the ability to become Founding Members of the newsletter. You receive all the benefits of paid membership.

As a Founding Subscriber, you’ll get one free hour-long session with me per quarter. You could use these to:

  • Think through how and where to introduce RLC thinking to accelerate the work you’re doing right now, whether that’s on your own as a founder, as the leader of a small startup team, inside an established organization or even as a solopreneur.

  • Plan how to organize a Kickoff Event to establish RLC for the next phase of work.

  • Prepare a presentation to deliver to your leadership or a new team to introduce them to RLC

  • Go more deeply into the principles that lie underneath the framework to look for ways to optimize.

  • Troubleshoot issues with adoption, getting interest from senior leaders, tools support or managing organic growth of RLCs.

We’ll also give you:

  • Free copies of my two most important eBooks (When Agile Gets Physical and The Shortest Distance Between You and a New Product)

  • Free admission to our Master Classes for you and anyone on your team, and an

  • Extra 10% discount off any Rapid Learning Cycles Institute paid offering for the duration of your subscription for you and anyone you recommend to us, via a personalized, shareable discount code.

  • All the other benefits of paid membership.

I’d normally ask at least $2,500 for the coaching alone, but the Founding Member price is only $495. That’s because I really think we can work together to accelerate climate tech, and I don’t want cost to be a barrier.

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